I. Albanis & Co.


ALBANIS-Comfort casa is a dynamic furniture company for more than 50 years. A furniture manufacture for domestic and professional equipment.

Our company produces sofas, corner sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, beds, and furnishing accessories inspired by elegance, fineness, quality and style, to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need, taking a place in your life.  

A wide variety of models, modern and classic, tailored to your needs, provides interior design solutions for living rooms, lounge rooms, bedrooms, hotels, villas.

Our sofa beds guarantee the quality of sleep all in high quality solutions, able to satisfy the top criteria of sleeping as well as seating comfort.

Always point to innovation and solutions that increase the functionality and practicality of the system of opening and closing by adopting advance mechanisms.

In the area of ​​the factory there is a showroom where all the new products of the company are displayed or you can find us in the best shops all over Greece.

Our goal is to offer the most complete solutions, always in the ideal value-for-money relationship.

 Indicative partnerships of professional equipment: Electra Hotel Athens, Mediterranean Palace Thessaloniki, Grand Hotel Palace Thessaloniki, Colors of Mykonos, Akrotiri Hotel Hanis, Villa Renos, Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, Electra Metropolis, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Hot Spring Thermal Spa, Akioni by the sea, Tramonto Suites  e.t.c

Infamy Hospital of Thessaloniki, Hospital of Panagia Thessaloniki.